Thursday, November 15, 2018

Our First Snowfall of 2018

Today a big snowstorm is making its way northeast across the states and we are getting a few flakes here at the top of the Chesapeake Bay. 
A view from the kitchen window

Our forecast is only for a slight coating with the possibility of some icy accumulations on solid surfaces but I am not going anywhere so I can only enjoy the freshness of these whisperings of winter yet to come.

Cold hardy pansies that I hope will live long into the winter

Eric already left for an appointment down south so I used my morning coffee time to do a little research on nutrition (one of my passions) and listen to a video by Jane Esselstyn. I looked up and noticed that the snow had started. 

Purple cabbage is a tough plant

Snow! When the kids were younger, I used to make an animated and exaggerated announcement whenever I would see the first snowflake, "It's snowing!" as if the little flakes marked the start of an exciting event.

Snow-white daisy petals and snow crystals

Well today, I still made the announcement, only to myself as I jumped up to grab my coat and try to get some still shots of the snow outside.

Golden crabapples will be the base of my next vinegar after the frosts sweeten them

I find such beauty in the changes of the seasons and today was no exception as I could catch the beauty of a little rose bud still growing after a few frosts, now sprinkled with the icy snow flakes. 

Quite the contraposition

Soon the cold will deepen and the plants will reign in their life down into the depths of the ground where they will wait for spring among the roots, bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi, algae, protozoa and sleeping seeds.

My strawberries didn't seem to get the winter warning

Of course, I wasn't planning on staying out too long and as the snow transitioned into a wet sleet, I retreated back into our warm livingroom.

I love the hollow green onion stalks

You might notice in this picture my newest project - a wood rack. I used black iron pipe left over from my kitchen shelves to form this super easy and yet robustly strong rack to hold our split wood close to the woodstove. 

My newest project to the left of the stove - a black iron pipe wood rack.

Once I had the plan measured out, the assembly was simple. I did add two maple boards that I saved from the demolition of our pantry, since it was very fine grained and old wood - too hard and useful to throw out. 

Just amazing!

A simple phone camera captures amazing clarity of details

So I am posting some of my pictures here for you to enjoy and will now get on with my morning...

My girls' birdhouse still hanging on a sturdy white oak tree trunk.

Three bean and sweet potato soup hits the spot on a snowy day.

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