Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Devil is in the Details

So I have been working several hours every day on various tasks as we try to tackle lots of projects around our home, but if you walked in the door you might be hard pressed to see much progress.

Revealing the beautiful wood below the layers...

Why? or even Why bother! 

Well, for instance, for the last few years, we have wanted to throw out our carpets and instead refinish our wood floors. So we did! We ripped out the carpet, pulled up the nasty staples and baseboards. We rented a floor sander and spent about ten hours sanding away. I was ecstatic! (I know, I'm a little weird.) Hard work, yes, but great progress, and what a difference!

Floor is sanded and ready for finishing

Sounds simple, right? What was left to do, just mop on a few coats of finish and tada!

But no. All the edges needed sanding with a hand sander. Then we knew we had to seal the wood before coating the floor with three coats of glossy finish.  Replacing the baseboard meant filling in the plaster gaps and that takes at least a day to dry. Next we bought lumber and custom fit new baseboards with quarter round trim. All the trim needed to be caulked. 

Trim is in and caulked and the doors are fixed.

We realized that our walls needed a fresh coat of paint so we kept going, even though we had to do three coats on the walls and then three coats on our new and existing trim.  Whew! We enjoyed when we could finally lift up the messy brown paper protecting our floors.

But what about the hallway next to the livingroom? Yup, had to repeat all those steps but on a smaller scale. In that hallway are four doors, and none of them closed properly after the shifting of everything after our house lift. So I took off all the door hardware, sanded each piece for a quick shot of paint and replaced them. Not sure if you have ever tried replacing door hardware but without fail something always seems off when I install doorknobs. Our house has plenty of wear and the doors show it, but after a little wood filler, caulk and paint, they look great again.

I was tired before I started writing this blog, but now I'm exhausted after reviewing some of the work!

But I won't bore you with more. Yes, we did put off a lot of home improvements that our house really needed but we planned to tackle them once our house was lifted onto new walls and that's where we are now. 

Figured out how to transition from hallway to bathroom
I read somewhere recently that homes really need to be updated and repaired at least every fifty years, and we can see why. So many details! 

I need to go and scrub my fingernails - I'm tired of seeing the paint on them...

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