Thursday, April 27, 2017

Braley House Elevation Project : Mud

Yesterday was another block laying day, but we had to cut short an hour early because walking and working in the mud was just too impossible. Wet clay seemed like ice when we'd try to walk and every step was precarious. Our yard was more like a pond.

The ducks loved the rain
The crew was able to get the scaffolding up and lifted piles of blocks to be ready for a drier day. When they started it was raining and by the end of the day the rain was almost over.

Our driveway puddles
Trying to get close enough to the house without slipping was a challenge and even then my crocs were covered in mud, making my feet rather filthy. 

My view as I walked up the driveway
 In spite of the rain and mud, we enjoy seeing every bit of progress. I understand the moist conditions are actually good for the curing of the mortar between the blocks.

Our back patio

This is where we normally entertain around our fire pit. We have a bit of cleaning to do before any entertaining happens here!

Piles of block all around the house
I love the blue of the new clean block. We are reinforcing the blocks with rebar every 36 inches horizontally and vertically to make sure the strength of the block is not compromised by any sideways movement.

Pallets of fresh new block decorate our yard

I never thought that I would enjoy seeing these piles of block stacked around our yard, but they are a sign of progress.

I don't think they can move the bobcat until the mud dries a little.

Window and flood vent openings
I watched the masons cutting the block and then setting it in place and they are amazingly precise. All the concrete is mixed on site and carried in metal troughs to one of the guys laying block.

Our flood vents came
Thanks to the advice of our town zoning administrator, we went with an expensive but very efficient flood vent. This is called a dual purpose vent because it provides an opening for flood waters to ebb and flow by use of an internal float, which lifts with the water, unlatching the vent. In addition, the vents provide ventilation as a bimetal coil fully opens the vent at 75 degrees and fully closes it at 35 degrees. They are marine grade stainless steel and made to withstand harsh environments..

Our breezeway walls are going up.

Just a little mud...

She's still standing even with all the mud and puddles

My viewpoint this morning...

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