Thursday, April 13, 2017

Braley House Elevation Project : Lifting

Our house just waiting for the lift
This morning I walked up to the construction site of what used to be our house and looked around as usual. I noticed a couple of pieces of steel that were still unused and figured the guys would be continuing the process of leveling the steel. I went back to our garden and started futsing about planting and weeding. Around 10:30 a.m., the foreman rode up in his bobcat and told me that the process was going faster than he expected and that they were going to  start lifting around 1:30 p.m.

Scoring the block for a clean break

Talk about being thrilled! I quickly called Eric who was over 150 miles south on a work appointment. Thankfully, he was just finishing up and was able to hit the road. 

Here you can see the steel and the shims
The crew was kind and actually waited an extra 15 minutes for Eric to get back. He drove in and we all went to the front of the house were the engine and control board were connected to all the jacks under the house. 
Jacks were connected to the control board with pressure hoses

John (the foreman) explained that the first foot would take the longest and then a little shorter time for each subsequent lift. As he talked, he was turning the control that started the lift and before we even realized it, the house was already an inch away from the foundation.

Even our chimney was scored and braced

The crew ran around the house and checked to see how the separation worked. Some of the blocks broke away at the scoring marks but other broke away below along the seam between blocks. Thankfully, all the breaks were at or below the marked line.

Eric doing a Live Facebook Video
The lifting continued until the house was almost three feet higher than it has been for 63 years. The next couple of hours, the guys crawled under the house and set pilings and shims to take the strain off the jacks.

Three feet up! (approximately)

So now, we think the rest of the lifting will happen tomorrow, a whole week before schedule!

Now the whole balance is off!

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