Monday, April 17, 2017

Braley House Elevation Project : Lifted

Friday morning was cool and slightly overcast. Although the calendar said it was Good Friday, Wolfe House and Building Movers were hard at work first thing. Seeing the house sitting about three feet off the ground was impressive and we were excited to see the rest of the lift.

Someone's coffee might upset the balance of this beam

The first foot took about three minutes as the engine pressurizing the lines to the jacks chugged away. The crew quickly set about piling up more cribbing and shims until the piles were even with the jacks and then depressurized the jacks, setting the house down an inch or so to rest on the cribbing. After all the creaks and pops, they pulled the jacks and lifted them up one layer. Once all four guys were in agreement, John, the foreman, started up the engine and set all ten jacks to rise another twelve inches.

A view from the street

I could bend over and look into the crawlspace at first but by the time noon came, the house was over three feet over my head and the crawlspace was just piles of dirt and concrete.

I can see clearly under the house now

Eric is 6'3" so you can see how high it is here.

I was worried about the house shifting as it's massive weight sat on the piles of wood cribbing but quickly realized that I had nothing to fear and could freely explore the construction of our floor joists. 

I was amazed by the strength of the jacks.

Still higher!

Now the crew has to climb the cribbing to reach the jacks

Lunch took a little longer than I expected and when I got back to the site, the crew and the tractors were already gone. Eric and I were thrilled that they had finished a week ahead of schedule.

Adjusting to make sure the house sits plumb over the footers

A short video...