Friday, April 21, 2017

Braley House Elevation Project : Building New Walls

Today is Friday and on my time schedule for the contractors, we are a week ahead of schedule. Our mason, Dean Dixon from Dean's Construction, has already been at work since Monday. Since it's raining, I am writing from the confines of our sailboat but do plan on getting out to the site in a few minutes.

Clearing the site for the block

Here you can see the aluminum pole in place as a corner guide for the block.

Watching the crew clean up the edges of the old block was so exciting. To see the possibility of the old block meeting up with new block was great progress. After waiting for so many years and months, seeing our drawings come to life was very satisfying.

Here the old block is cleaned and ready for the new layers

You can see in the pictures that our mason used an aluminum corner pole that stands as a guide between the old block and the new block. He also keeps a laser focused on the job to make sure that each layer is perfectly straight.

We are happy with the quality of work Dean's Construction's crew are providing us. 

No more bulkhead or crawlspace!

I did not expect this much of a 'construction site look' but know that this will all be cleaned up soon and we will no longer have to worry about a wet crawlspace or flood threats.