Monday, January 30, 2017

The Big Purple Bubblegum

You might be wondering why this post has such a strange title. It is with a smile on my face that I am able to write that I have published my first children's story.

Wahoo! Do a little dance, twirl around and clap your hands! Okay, maybe you are not as excited as I am, but at least smile!

For years, actually decades, I have been saying that I wanted to start writing children's stories. My love of telling stories started when I was a child and I would have to babysit younger children. One of my favorite ways to keep their attention was by telling stories. As I got older and had children of my own, I told them stories. As an adult, I went on to tell stories to whole classrooms of children. I found it very fascinating to be able to take a group of kids and watch their faces as they entered into my world of make-believe and live out an altered reality for a few minutes.

The challenges of a children's book are finding a way to get them to hear "my voice" as I tell the story on paper or on their e-reader.

I don't remember most of my stories from over the years, but that is okay as I have plenty of imagination left. 

My book, The Big Purple Bubblegum is available on Amazon now for a paperback version or for download here. I personally like children's books on paper, but I understand there is a real market for electronic versions as well.

Watch out for new children's books as I explore this fun new area of creativity.