Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I am sitting by myself in my living room in front of the fireplace enjoying some music by Simon and Garfunkel. There is something so satisfying about being around or at least listening to talented people. They make me want to be creative and write and sing and well,... just enjoy life more. For me living life is not so much about playing but about being creative and producing tangible things with my efforts. I am in the midst of a project to raise our house eight feet to get out of the reach of floodwaters and I have almost no experience in building, but I do know how to look for possibilities.

This story in our life began with a notice that our house was reevaluated as being in the top flood prone zone for our area and therefore we were going to be charged for mandatory flood insurance for the life of our home. It wasn't a surprise that we were in a flood zone - I had experienced the evidence. But to be charged for it? I decided to read all the tiny print in the information that came with the notice and I noticed that FEMA was offering a grant as a pacifier to individuals who met the criteria to pay for the raising of their house or demolish it and buying out the land. I am a dreamer and I figured, what the heck? The worst thing they can do is turn me down. 

It is now nine months since I started the process of filling out forms and basically educating myself as fast as I could what FEMA was really saying and wanting. The process was a challenge, but anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge. I am willing to work for that grant and although I don't have a signed paper saying I am approved, no one has said no and several meetings have been held already, so I am continuing to dream. What kind of stairs? What trees have to be trimmed back? What to do in the whole new eight feet of space under our house? Where to live in the interim? What new views will I have? How much more sunlight will I get? Can I look into solar panels next?

Imagine. Dream. Stretch your brain. It is a little painful but nothing that a few nights rest won't cure and then you can look back, smile and say, "I did it!"

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