Monday, June 16, 2014

The June Travel Bug

Travel bugs! I get bit every year about this time when the weather inches up into the 90 degree range. The heat becomes too much for me to spend too much time outside and I don't like being confined to air conditioned rooms. However, travel costs money and more often than not, I spend more time dreaming about travel than actually leaving our address.

On a side note, when I say travel bug, I simply mean the urge to travel. Apparently the word is now a registered trademark of Groundspeak and refers to an actual 'registered dogtag' used in geochaching. It is a pretty cool idea. If you have never tried geocaching, you should check it out as it is quite fun.

I love reading folks reviews on Tripadvisor when I look at places like Seattle,Washington or Montreal, Quebec where the temperatures are a little cooler during the summer months. Then I usually realize that trips to these destinations are not in my immediate budget and look for weekend trips to the mountains.

Google Maps is a great place to get an overview of my general area and I pan out from home to see what looks like an interesting place to go. In the last few weeks, we have done weekend trips to Lewes, Delaware, and Smith Island, Maryland, but my travel lust is not quenched yet.

I want to check out Berlin, Maryland for its 55 restaurants and the hotsprings in Allegheny County in Virginia and I could go on but I am tired of writing about places and want to actually make reservations somewhere...

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