Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Getting Inspired

One of our train stops on the way to Canada
I was traveling over the weekend and was not able to watch the Academy Awards until the following night on HuluPlus. What an amazing collection of talented and creative people from all over the world! To see the imaginative work produced and the honor and respect that the industry gives to the winner is such an inspiration. It is no mistake that movies like the 12 Years a Slave or Captain Phillips  won such high honors. The whole process of creating the story line, choosing the actors, designing the scenes, the actors learning their characters and so on is a very complex process requiring excellence on every level to produce the caliber of movie that they are. I cannot help but be so inspired and with that inspiration comes a flood of creative ideas for stories to write.

You would think that with the thousands of years of stories between humans that there wouldn't be anything left to tell, yet the field is limitless. Love, hate, jealousy, greed, chivalry, passion, generosity, anger - all qualities we experience individually yet somehow we really enjoy watching the reactions of others to these intangible auras.

Not only are there innumerable real stories to tell, the category of fictional stories based on true stories is simply exponentially larger. As a writer, I can change outcomes, manipulate the motives and create a story that I like or that I think you might like.

There are so many movies I need to see, but for now, I have a story I would like to finish...