Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year Thoughts

I have been silent for a while but it was not because I had nothing to say. The holidays were quite busy with a houseful of kids and friends and relatives. Once we got over the celebrations and the house quieted down again, I left with Eric for our annual vacation down south. Sunday was my first day back and it was quite an adjustment to come back to the reality of daily life, working and cleaning and cold temperatures.

Now I have the time to think about just what I want to do this year. And....well, I don't know! The regular stuff like getting our debt load reduced, making plans for renovating our house, upgrading some of my plantings outside - that all comes easily. The fact that I am a writer seems to slip away from my resolutions - the obvious should be all kinds of new ideas for writing, but not yet. I guess I need to do more imagining and get my fingers dancing on the keyboard.

Maybe I could combine all my plans and focus them towards writing - like renovating our home a little to make a writing room with plants and without spending much money....

So, maybe I don't have my act together yet, but it will come to me when I am ready. Time to get inspired!