Friday, October 11, 2013

Get Around Someone Bigger Than Yourself

grasses, chesapeake bay, inspiration, water, wind
Bay Grasses by Heide Braley
I was just sitting in my living room looking out at a huge maple tree in my front yard and found myself inspired by its simple grandeur. The massive size of the branches stretching out and up hundreds of feet, yet still swaying in the wind. How can something so amazingly massive still be so graceful? I was inspired and realized that I need to spend more time around things and people that are larger than me. They tend to see life from a different perspective and can be less stressed about problems and challenges that always come along.

One example of a person that I want to learn more about is the recent Nobel prize in literature winner, Alice Munroe. Like myself, she wrote short stories when she could, thinking that it was a way to practice her talent until she was ready to write a novel - after all, that's what all good writers do, right? She wrote about life, its ups and down and the feelings that came with them. Now she is in her eighties and thinks she is finished writing, but what a wealth of feelings must be in her by that age.

I can remember sitting down to write a love story when I was twelve and I put my pencil to the paper for a few words, only to realize that I was not mature enough to write nearly enough material about the subject. Today, after twenty-seven years of marriage to an amazingly loving guy, I find myself so much more experienced in the art of love than when we first started and yet somehow know I still have so much to learn. I remind you, writer or not, as I remind myself - find people who are bigger in heart and emotion than yourself and glean from them some of the special facets of life that make them beautiful.