Tuesday, September 24, 2013


One of the things that I find interesting is to watch people's faces when I tell them I am a writer. Of course, the words that come out of their mouth are usually admiration and praise, but there is this pause - sometimes just a fraction of a second long, but usually longer, before they respond. It's as though they think, "How could you?" Writers are historical titles on paper, you know - Sam Clemens, the Louisa May Alcott and lists of others as long as there is paper. How could I, a regular girl, from regular life be a writer? What do I have to write about?

People. I write about people and their reactions to life but in stories. I absolutely love people watching. In writing, I have to actually become vulnerable to the fact that readers will not like me and be okay with that. I was listening to a TED talk this morning by Brene Brown on the Power of Vulnerability. During her research she found that we as a society in the US tend to want to numb ourselves from vulnerability and thereby cover up our feelings that we might not be as acceptable to others as we would hope.We say our religion is perfect, we serve the real God, our politics are the best, our food is so healthy - all so black and white yet are they really? Can we really say that everyone else is missing the mark? Where is humility (or common sense)?

What are we afraid of? That we won't make the mark? What mark? I want to have the freedom to make mistakes and not live under the fear that I am not good enough. If you don't like me, that's fine because you know, I might not like you and that is okay too. Who says we have to all like each other? I will still be kind and polite and respect you and possible even learn from you, but I will gravitate towards people I like.

To sum up my thoughts, let loose and become vulnerable. Let us see the real side of you with freckles and chipped teeth and even better, the tears that flow when you hurt or the spontaneous laughter that comes from making a fool of yourself. We all live in naked skin in a flawed world - so why pretend that we are better than others? I am me and you are you - deal with it and let's get along and enjoy this life.