Monday, September 16, 2013

Accidents Happen

sparrow, fall, pines, birds
White Throated Sparrow
A couple of days ago, I was anticipating my husband, Eric's return home with a rush of activities so dinner prep would be ready. Only a few things were left to do, including chopping some green bell peppers for our roasted pork tacos. The combination of my haste and a slight dullness on the blade of my largest knife culminated in me chopping a good chunk off the end of one of my fingers. Now several days later, I still have difficulty using that hand.

I am amazed how such a small incident can affect my whole outlook on my day. This is not my first accident and I have actually had many surgeries, but each time I am reminded of just how frail we are.

But enough of that, I am really anxious to get back to writing stories as it has been several weeks since my last one, Payter's House. My right hand is fine and I can use a couple fingers on my left to peck away. I have been able to get in a little traveling and some new experiences to add to my bucket of ideas. September is a month of change in so many ways from school starting and summer winding down to leaves changing and the air cooling. Winter is on the edge of my horizon and plans need to start soon...