Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walking Along the Ocean

beach, ocean sunrise, Chesapeake
Virginia Beach Sunrise
This morning I was able to start my day by spending over an hour walking along the beach. The water was pleasantly cool for walking barefoot. As I walked down to the water's edge, I was surprised to see a group of dolphins playing just off the shore. There is nothing so calming as the sounds of the waves, the cries of a few seagulls and then a couple of fighter jets going overhead!

I was so surprised and almost alarmed as I heard the roar of the jets before I actually saw them. Maybe the locals are used to them flying low and fast, but I was totally fascinated. Two of them flew out over the water and then straight back in in close formation as if they were somehow connected.

Below at ground level with me, pelicans flew on undisturbed, ospreys kept fishing and the sandpipers acted as if they couldn't hear a thing. I walked for about forty-five minutes to a large fishing pier at which point I decided I better head back.

With my new perspective of looking over the water, I spotted massive ocean freighters way out in the haze of the horizon. A few minutes later a power boat pulling a raft full of folks proceeded to twist and turn thrilling them, I'm sure. To round out my visual explorations, a colorful parasail lifted up into the sky contrasting nicely against the clouds of an incoming storm.

Yet, in spite of all this, I walked on in relative silence and solitude enjoying my chance to scuff my feet against the sand and feel the splash of the incoming waves. What a nice way to start my day!

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