Monday, July 29, 2013

Listen to Your Reviewers

glass reflector sun catcher window art
My Glass Sunflower Suncatcher
One of the hardest things that any creative person has to go through is listening to another person critique their work. Usually, most people are kind and try to use pleasantries to soften the blow of their dislikes, but sometimes you get the rare bird that thinks they are smart when they let the world know just how bad you are and why. Well recently, I was reading through my author page on Amazon where I can read all of the reviews for my stories on one page. My reviews range from two stars to five stars and at first I frowned on the two stars until I read them a little more closely. Just about every slightly negative review mentioned that the story was too short.

Now most of my stories are written along the general guidelines for short stories. Wikipedia lists a short story as being under 7,500 words. So, if my length is within the boundaries, what's the problem? I think what my reviewers were saying is that they wanted more - they actually liked my stories and didn't want them to end. (Of course, I am not negating the fact that I still need to improve at my craft, but that is not my point here.)

So guess what? I am going to write more. That's all I can say for now, but stay tuned for future developments...

In the meantime, listen to your reviewers with an open mind and see if you can interpret what they are really saying.