Monday, July 15, 2013

Keep Up To Date

foggy morning, Chesapeake Bay, lighthouse, Heide Braley, Maryland
North East Park Lighthouse Pavilion
One of the things that authors and anyone else with an online presence needs to do is to actively keep their pages up to date. In the business of everyday, I forget that people who only see me through an online page, only see the last picture I posted or the last link I left. If there are no changes within a lapsed window of time, the page seems static and out of date.

Today, I took my own advice from last week,  and made the time to update my Amazon Author Page with my newest information. It really didn't take me much effort, but for the possible reader in the deep recesses of the jungles of Brazil, my page might seem like it came back to life!

Obviously, everything that happens in my personal life will not show up online, but choosing events that apply to my life as a writer add interest and variation to my online presence. So, check it out today, Amazon Author Page/Heide Braley and then come back in a while and see if I am keeping to my goal of staying up to date.

Meanwhile, my second book is almost ready to go to print! Stay tuned.