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Becoming Popular Online

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One of the things that I never even thought about when I wrote my first book was that I had to sell the book. Don’t ask me why, but my only focus was getting the book written. I was more than surprised when somehow my handiwork didn’t sell immediately and people asked me how I planned to sell the book. I now realize that I wasn’t the only writer that thought this way.

Marketing your book so that you achieve the goals you have set takes time and effort. Thankfully, we live in a time when using the internet reaches people from all over the globe. On the site, The BookDesigner, the author mentions that creating a social platform where folks can read about you, the author, as well as your review of your work will help "level the playing field." In essence, you have every chance of becoming popular online if you take the time to get your name out there.

I found the site, CreateSpace, for my second book, The Meanderings of A Pen, and publishing became easier than I ever imagined. Amazon created the site to provide inventory freedom, free tools, professional services and support as you work through the publishing and marketing process. Then, I used their Kindle publishing site, Kindle Direct Publishing to publish in a Kindle format for easier viewing.

Link your social platform with others in the same field as your book marketing audience. I used Google Blogger for their free blogger pages. This will help them see your name and hopefully get them to read your writing. Another popular term used for this is networking. When you read someone's blog or an article written that peaks your interest, make a comment and have your signature link back to your personal page (your platform). For instance, Carolyn McCray has a great article, Best Practices for Amazon Ebook Sales, where she gives practical advice about setting up your author page on Amazon. Lots of people will read that article and even the comments so it only makes sense to go where the interest is.

There are so many ways of becoming popular online and these are just a couple of tidbits that should help move the sales of your book. Just don't sit back and wait or you might end up stacking unsold books in your garage.

Have fun!

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