Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not Going Away...

For those of you who may have noticed, I have been pretty quiet lately. I have not given up writing - just getting ready for my son's wedding. Yes, my oldest son is getting married this weekend and the reception is in my backyard! It is such a wonderful time and I was grateful to be able to take the time to work on improving our yard for them. However, I miss writing. So many stories are wafting through my brain - none complete, just ideas that come up from shows I watch or ideas I get while talking to folks or something I have read. So, please be patient with me, more stories are coming...and I can't wait!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stepping Outside of My Footprint

Photograph yellow gold respberries fruit safe high definition
I grow golden raspberries instead of the normal red or black.
This morning I woke up to a house filled with streams of sunlight and the sweet and fruity smell of last year's grapes fermenting in the kitchen (I harvest them and keep them in the deep freeze until I am ready to work with them). I must seem like a strange person to someone who doesn't know me. I just don't fit the mold of a normal girl for this time period. I love growing things and always have experiments going in some part of my house or yard. I don't like wearing much makeup or high heels but do like pretty clothes. I don't like coloring my hair and never have but I don't mind when others do. I like making foods from scratch and rarely eat pre-made food but I love going out to a great restaurant. I don't like the cheapness of most items manufactured today but do love my smartphone and laptop and browsing on the web with all of its information. I love all my old friends and cherish the great memories I have of them but enjoy being alone more than once in a while. I love being feminine and but enjoy hanging out with guys more than a group of girls. I enjoy science and learning the intricacies of biology and botany but also enjoy watching television shows simply for entertainment. And after listing all this, I have found that my likes change over time so who knows what I will be like in a few more years.

So, I guess I might not fit in a regular mold, but I like myself and my life. I don't mind when folks don't understand me but I seem to be likeable. When I write, I tend to think that my lead characters take on parts of my personality. Developing characters takes thought and most of the time I restrict their actions to who I am. It is a challenge to step outside of my personality and face the fears that my readers might not like the characters but I think it will enhance my stories. So, here goes, I am stretching my brain...