Friday, October 19, 2012

Herman Melville

Illustration by Paul Lasaine
Today I took the time to read a little about the famous writer, Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick. Did you know that at first, his book was considered a flop? The reviewers were harsh and did not speak well of his writing. It wasn't until almost 30 years later that the book reemerged on the New York literary scene as a success and today it is considered by many writers to be one of the best 100 books ever written.

Thankfully, Google finds interesting people to feature on their home search page with fun doodles, otherwise I would never have known this information. On this past Thursday, October 18th,  they featured Herman Melville as it was the 161 anniversary of his book's first publishing date.

What can a writer take from this example? Write your best and don't be too discouraged if you get some negative reviews. We cannot expect everyone to be able to step into our shoes and enjoy the way we think and communicate. Enjoy the process of writing and let the reviews do what they like. Learn from your critics and hope that your will work will attract some people who will enjoy your words.