Sunday, October 28, 2012


Move out of your safety zones and try something new...
I have been listening to successful artists talk about how they got their start, and so many of them talk of the excitement of their early years when no one knew them. There is a freedom about being what amounts to being anonymous when no one knows who you are. You see life and can express yourself with a freedom born of necessity as you seek to find your voice. Hunger and desire to succeed give an edge to your work when you expose your heart and say things that maybe you wouldn't say if you knew you had a huge audience.

Norah Jones was my inspiration this morning as the CBS Sunday morning show showcased her early life. The joy of her early successes as her voice slowly became known in her community was fun to hear. Often we forget that most successful artists had to struggle and work so hard to get where they are. Sure, some get a lucky break, but most folks like me and you have to work hard to get ahead.

So my advise for the folks out there like myself, enjoy the time to write as an anonymous person and let go - bare your heart, share your soul and don't be afraid of people seeing the raw side of your personality. I have a hunch that is what real people want... Throw out the carefully orchestrated words that form a fake front - that's what religion and politics require, don't they?