Friday, September 14, 2012

The Missing Cyclist

Today I was finally able to finish a story I have been working on for a few weeks! I am almost ashamed that it took me so long, but at least I did. The story is listed as, The Missing Cyclist and will be available on Amazon as an electronic download within a few hours of writing this post.

I hope to be writing a little more frequently as my last child is away at college, but I am surprised at how many little things pop up each day that need my attention. Maybe I have to find a way to hide away...not really!

Once I have a couple more stories finished, I will be able to format my second book. Now I need to figure out a title for it...

Here is a short excerpt from The Missing Cyclist;

 ...I tried to drive slowly so I could look down the roads that branched off the main street down which he typically rode. Thoughts of anger and irritation at him prevailed in my thoughts, but really, I was worried. About half way through the course, I started to wonder if he had come this way at all; I couldn’t remember if he had told me where he was going to ride today. Realizing how hard it would be to find him without knowing which direction he had headed, I finished the route he liked to take and then drove through some of the other streets around town. After thirty minutes of fruitless searching, I headed back for home, hoping that he would have returned in my absence.
He wasn’t home either. I double checked my cell phone to make sure he hadn’t left me a text, and sat pondering what I should do next.

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