Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life's Experiences

Many times as a writer I am tempted to use stories from my life. Unfortunately, often these are not as exciting to other folks as they are to me so I need to embellish them. When my friends read my stories, they tend to be kind and wonderful in me telling me how great the stories are. However, now that I am writing to an international market where most of the readers do not know me, their criticisms are a little less careful. I appreciate this even though at first it seems harsh. By reading their candid remarks, I can learn and adjust.

I experienced a great Labor Day weekend on a small island just south of Boston. Everything seemed almost too idyllic with the full moon at nights, cool temperatures during the day, delicious food, whale watching, fishing, etc... Funny that perfect can seem almost boring! Anyhow, on Sunday afternoon, we were hanging out on the beach watching the boat traffic when we saw an old red dinghy being rowed into the inlet by a man with a white ponytail. He seemed out of place so we watched him a little longer than usual. We were very surprised to see him row up to the lobster trap buoys and start cutting the lines. It was bizarre that he would commit such a crime in bright daylight with people all around. Of course, our hosts were quite irate and jumped quickly to call the authorities.

Sounds like the beginning of a story, doesn't it?!