Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Employment Changes

How to Decide Whether You Need to Change Your Job
My husband recently made the career change from sales to manufacturer representative. While that may not seem very much of a change, the amount of work involved in changing from one company to another is quite complex. He had to delicately let his customers know that he would not be servicing their accounts while at the same time arrange the perfect time to tell his boss. Once the old job was finished and the contact information was returned to the company along with the company laptop, he has to then prepare for the new job. Since he is representing a specific company, he had to upgrade his wardrobe, clean out space in the garage for new product and so on...

As you can see, there are a lot of details involved, most of which are pretty boring but exciting to the person involved. I like to use these experiences as reference for my writing. By living life longer, more people will be able to relate to the circumstances I write about.

Is it a stressful time? Sure, but by experiencing emotions like stress, I can become a better writer. There are so many aspects of change that can spark an idea for a conflict or plot of a story. It's the "what if's" that provide materials for writers. What if the new job has a corrupt boss? What if the job requires us to move? What if he doesn't make as much money as hoped? You get the idea, I am sure.

What are you going through that can help you write better or simply relate to other folks better?