Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mysteries, Plots and Storylines

This morning, I have been daydreaming about a new story. I know it is a mystery but developing it into something intriguing is challenging. I think about it as I do my morning chores, wondering how many simple routines I could add to the story to make it seem down to earth and real. I wondered as I walked if I should use characters liked the ones I passed on the street to play a part. When my husband, Eric gets ready to run an appointment, I wonder if I should use him as a lead person. 

All of these kind of questions are going through my head as I develop what I want to use. I watch Tom Hanks and the types of stories made into movies that he chooses to play in and wonder how the writer developed such a fantastic storyline.

When I like something, I jot it down as just a word or two and then keep adding things as they fall into place in my imagination. By the time I start, I already have a pretty good picture in my mind of the setting, but have to be careful to remember that my audience doesn't and so I have to set the stage for them. Sometimes, this might change my story a little as it starts to take on a life of its own. Often , when I reach the finishing sentence, I go back and look at the words I jotted down in the beginning and realize that usually there are one or two details that I forgot to incorporate. Sometimes it matters, but usually, I leave the story alone, as if I had read it in a magazine or a newspaper where it is now part of history.

So, now I want to get started... Bike ride, disappearance, worry, police, distrust, blood on pavement...