Friday, August 3, 2012


Have you ever wondered what it like to live through something like being shot? I do - all the time. By what I have read in books, seen on television and in movies as well as real life, I can come to some kind of imaginary explanation. 

I just finished a story, A Bullet Does Change Things where I try to imagine what it is like to take a bullet and the feelings that the victim must go through. I am sure there is not one set of emotions but I like to think that maybe I come close to what some people go through. Hopefully, I will never have to experience it in person!

Here is a short clip from the story: 

I was angry at the noise that hit my eardrums, silencing everything else around me. No voices, no birds, no wind in the trees, just a large force that wiped out any ability of my body to collect more information. Everything was internalized in that instant. It was as though I was experiencing a bomb on the inside of my chest that wiped out all sound waves in my general vicinity, leaving me in a vacuum of silence, but a very loud silence. I was instinctively angry at the bullet for interrupting my normal level of hearing and wanted to turn time back and rid myself of the oppression of the great deafening silence.
         My eyes seemed to ache with the pressure of the blast, losing their ability to focus as time seemed to have stopped. Although I could see myself being thrown through the air, it was not something that I was involved with... (Read more here)