Monday, July 2, 2012

Violent Weather

North East River
Violent weather left many people in our area without power. The good thing is that although this is a nuisance, it is temporary. Unfortunately, some people lost their lives as a result of the storms. The grief their families are going through must be unbearable. My heart goes out to them. For the rest of those people trying to survive in the sweltering heat,  I guess they just have to try to look on the bright side and be glad that they are not freezing. Homes are not built like they used to be before air conditioning when good air circulation was critical as well as shade trees, so now without power for even a fan, the homes heat up to unbearable temperatures.

What do you think forced characters like Tom Sawyer out onto the Mississippi River? It was the heat. Every kid knew where the closest swimming creek was and that's where their summers passed by in comfort. Sitting under a shade tree is a great opportunity for imagining stories...