Monday, July 30, 2012

Dealing with Criticism

Picture used from Leadership Freak
One of the important parts of life is learning to deal with criticism. Anyone who has tried to do anything knows that a critique of our efforts is a good thing when we use it to improve ourselves. On the other hand, if we take a critique personally, the result is usually that we end up hurting ourselves by becoming bitter or resentful or discontinuing our efforts. 
There are many forms of criticism - grading in school, job advancements or demotions, being picked or not for sports teams are just a few. Of course, we all want our efforts to be loved, but learning to take the criticism and then improve our shortcomings will make us an improved version of ourselves. An important part of writing or any other creative process is receiving reviews or critiques from impartial persons. They help us see how what we do affects them.

Picture from Cameron Chapman
I had a friend who used to say that she needed to expand her neck so she could swallow the judgements that people handed out to her, and I never forgot that metaphor. If I can learn to not just get over what people say about me, but to make myself a better person because of their input - then I am the winner. 

How about you? Are you struggling with a critique that just seems to irk you?