Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making Money Story

The Old Brown Book
So last night I published a story on Amazon, The Old Brown Book. It is the story of a boy who inherits an old brown book from his grandfather. The book teaches him how to use money to his advantage and hopefully become wealthy. Life still catches up with him but the lessons learned put him in a good position to be able to help others. After writing it, I almost feel like it is a true story that happened because I lived through it as I wrote it. 

Today I am looking forward to starting my next story. Not sure what direction to take just yet but that's half the fun, too - just coming up with the idea.

Here is a short excerpt from The Old Brown Book:

“If you are wondering how to make money, just read this book,” I remember my grandfather telling me when I was a little boy. He would pat the old brown book with the gold lettering on the cloth cover and shake his head as if he was agreeing with himself.
I always thought my grandfather was the smartest and wealthiest man in the world when I was a child. He had a large old farmhouse filled with treasures collected from his years of traveling for the government. His yards were fields and extended for as far as I could see and he seemed to know the name of every tree and plant growing on his property. He built ponds to fish in and made a bow for me to hunt with.
One afternoon, during a rainy June day when I was forced to stay inside, I asked him if I could read the money book. I will never forget the look of his face as his eyes crinkled and his chin went up in a big laugh. He looked at me for a second and then stood up and pulled the old brown book out of the bookcase...