Friday, June 8, 2012

Killing Time

Well, I did it. I came up with a story line last night for my new story. It's about two boys that find themselves bored one summer and decide to disobey their parents and check out the box cars on the tracks behind their home. They thought they were just killing time during the hot summer months when time seems to drag on forever. One things leads to another and they find themselves in a trouble far greater than they had ever imagined...

My last story, The Old Brown Book will be free this weekend for downloads. If you have a second, drop me a review on Amazon - it's the best kind of advertising I could ask for.

It's Friday so that means we will finish our work and then clean off the patio for a nice evening around the fire with some tasty bits of grilled meat, watching our dogs fall asleep to the sound of owls, a few cardinals, a couple of mourning doves, the ever present Canada geese and maybe an osprey or two on a late hunt as the sun dips below the horizon. A nice ending to a work week.