Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Key Ingredient?

Cured Sopressata
What's the key ingredient to writing a good story or making cured sausage like this sopressata or a chocolate chip cookie or a hand-carved wooden bowl? Is it money? How about expensive tools? Maybe a good education? I don't think so.

The key ingredient is desire. Without desire, the task at hand becomes a chore and the end result tends to be mediocre. A carver has a desire to create a beautiful work of art and the process of carving brings that desire to fruition. A sausage maker desires the specific taste of cured sopressata and carefully mixes the ground pork with the spices and cures it gently over a cool smoke until it reaches the perfect color.
Robin Wood
As a writer, I need to use the same principle of desire when I create a story. I want to form a finished product that I enjoy reading and then can hopefully share with others. 

How do you use your desires?