Monday, June 11, 2012

Fires, Floods and Scandals

Florida Floods
That about sums up this morning's headlines. I read the news stories in about five minutes and go on with my day, but in reality, there are hundreds of people if not thousands, whose lives have been seriously disrupted by these events. Parts of Florida received over thirteen inches of rain in one day - that's crazy! I live in an area that easily floods with just five inches of rain. This is graduation and wedding time and I am sure that a lot of celebrations had to be postponed or cancelled. Then there are the wildfires in New Mexico and Wyoming - I cannot imagine what it is like to have to leave my home knowing it will probably be burned to the ground when I come back. 

When dire circumstances like these affect people, stories are formed and the end, there will be both tragedy and victory. I am interested in hearing what's behind the headlines - who are these people and what happened? I wish the best for them.

I am off to finish my current story - two little boys, alone on a boxcar, hundreds of miles from home...