Friday, June 22, 2012

Are the "B" Students the Creative Side of Society?

I was looking over one of my children's transcripts from high school yesterday and was intrigued how her average was a solid "B" for almost every class. Knowing her talents, I was wondering if there is a correlation between other students and how they fit into society. I, too, was a "B" student and although I knew I could have gotten "A"s in some classes, I wasn't interested in how the teacher ranked me. That might sound strange or maybe even dishonest, but what I did care about was the material I learned. If I found interest in the subject, I was excited to assimilate the information, but if it was boring or seemingly useless, why bother? 

Today, I decided to see if there was a link between the "B" students and the creative part of society. I found an interesting press release from London, EA Worldwide Acquisitions: 'B' Students are the Perfect Entrepreneurs. 

Here is the quote from Ken Sundheim, President of KAS Placement, an executive search firm in NYC:  "After hiring, managing, leading and sometimes firing recent college graduates and interns, it has become evident to me that the honors student is too obedient, while the average student is mostly too complacent to be an entrepreneur or to make it at an entrepreneurial firm in this economy."
So to all those "B" students out there, realize that there is a place in the entrepreneurial market for you! Pursue those dreams and go for it.