Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Trailer Progress

Yesterday I finished by first book trailer, The Meanderings of a Pen Trailer. It is simple but effective and I think I like it. Whether or not it will help my book sales has yet to be determined. 
If you are wondering how I did mine, I basically used the covers that introduced the stories in my book, set them in a story line on Windows Movie Maker - a program included with Windows XP.  I then imported a simple tune after I composed it on the free version of I wouldn't have to deal with getting a license to use someone else's music. I saved it as a movie to my computer and then uploaded it to Facebook and then Youtube. I added it to this blog as a sideline item for people to review when they read this blog.
So there you go. Feel free to ask me any questions. Today is a cool rainy day that will turn warm later so I am looking forward to finishing my story - as my leading character has been stuck in a mental institution while I worked on this trailer...


  1. Inspiring, thanks. Must explore Windows Movie Maker.
    I like your site, found it through Third Sunday Blog Carnival, where I'll have a post next month.
    My open ID is not recognised here, it's all a little beyond me, so I leave a link to my blog: