Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Worst Nightmare

"What's the problem, dear?"
"You locked my door!"
"That's just standard procedure for folks who are upset. We don't want to spoil the peace of everyone else," she explained.
Suddenly, I felt my neck muscles soften and then my spine. Grabbing the door frame, I realized the pills she gave me were far stronger than I expected. I turned to to make the two steps to my bed before I fell over."

So many times over the years, I have watched movies where the main character is unwillingly committed to a mental hospital, or people say that it would be their worst nightmare. What about today? Do you think you would have enough presence of mind to get out if someone had you committed? Not me - I hope I never have to darken the doorways of such a facility and really hope that no one ever has to commit me.

This story will be live on Amazon this afternoon, when I will post a link for my kind readers...

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