Thursday, May 10, 2012

Escaping Reality

My Nightmare
This morning I received notice from Amazon that my latest story, My Nightmare is now published and live on the web. I like the look of the cover and think the readers will enjoy the short drama of my main character Elizabeth, as she realizes that immersing herself so deeply into her writing might not be a wise choice. We all take time to trip out from reality whether it means we are reading a good book, or watching a movie or simply dreaming (and not taking drugs). This is healthy and probably helps us face our own reality with a new perspective.

So I hope the distribution goes well and that lots of people around the world get to read this story. I will list it for free download this weekend, 5/12 and 5/13.

Here is how it starts...

I lay back in the warm sunshine. The air was cool but as long as the sun stayed out from behind the clouds, I felt deliciously warm and comfortable. There was nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees and the scuttle of the dry maple seeds scraping against the concrete patio. My writing notebook sat unopened on the table next to me accented by the color of the royal blue pen next to it. I glanced at it from time to time as if I was checking to see if I was ready to start. To start on a journey that might mean trouble. Trouble is what got me here in the first place. Place, this wasn’t a place, it was a prison. Prison - why do they put people in prisons instead of letting them live. Live was all I wanted to do, through my pen and paper. Paper was the entrance to my stories. Stories were an expression of where I could go without ever leaving my chair or moving a muscle.
My thoughts meandered as easily as a butterfly might flit from flower to leaf without rhyme or reason. The sounds of the masses of bamboo swaying in the wind were fuel for my imagination, but I enjoyed it only temporarily. (continue)

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