Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Raining!

Heide Braley at the age of three.
We fell asleep last night to the sounds of gentle raindrops on the trees outside our windows. As the night progressed, the rain got heavy and twice I wondered if we were going to have our backyard flooded out by the heavy cloudbursts. This morning, the rain has been steady and I feel like I am living in a tropical jungle with all the dripping and splashing. 

This is perfect weather for writing and after I do a few errands, I plan on hitting the keyboard.
I am listing some of my stories on Smashwords so I can reach a larger market, for those folks who don't use Kindles. This should help to increase my audience.
This is a fun week for me in the history of my life; my youngest daughter has her last day of high school, I am celebrating my 26th anniversary with my husband and I am turning 50. Am I allowed to say that I am content with my age? I don't feel any older and want to embrace each change that comes my way.