Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting Back Into Writing...

I spent yesterday with thousands of other people in the middle of Baltimore at my daughter's graduation from college. The number of graduates forced the school to streamline the process so that each graduate was given about 3 to 4 seconds on stage - just long enough to have their name read and to receive their handshake from the president of the college. Actually, they only had about 2 seconds of fame, because as they stepped forward to shake hands, another name was being read out. Thankfully, my daughter was thrilled and so we were happy as well.

Today, I am ready to get back into writing. I feel like I have been away for weeks, even though it has only been about 5 days. I am sure the next two weeks will not avail me of too much time for writing as I have another daughter graduating from high school and Memorial Day weekend coming up! I will just have to keep my pad of paper with me and try to add on to my stories whenever I have a chance.