Friday, May 11, 2012

Fistfuls of Money

Who doesn't want to make millions? Today I am going to write a story - which means it is fictional, about how someone read an old book and learned to work the stock market to their advantage, increasing their worth many times over in just a short period of time. Is it possible? Of course it is - look at all the people who invested in Microsoft when it was offered to the public as an IPO. According to Wikipedia, from those investors, four became billionaires, and 12,000 became millionaires - just from investing. 
To give you a simple example, if you invested by buying just one hundred dollars' worth of stocks back when it was first offered in 1986,(which was not too long ago) today you would have over $28,000 in your account. If only...

But what if we could stick our finger into the giant money market known as Wall street and pull it back out with fistfuls of money. Wouldn't it be lovely!

Just wait and when you read this story, you might just be tempted....

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