Monday, May 14, 2012

Enjoy Writing

If you ever wonder about how to get going in the writing market, I can only suggest one thing as being the most important thing you need to do and that is writing. The act of putting your words on paper (or your computer screen) forces you to think through ideas and then lets you see how they look. Many times, your words make perfect sense in your head, but when you put them on paper, you see that maybe you need to rearrange them to make better sense or to clarify your real meaning.
Writing is just like being an artist or a carpenter, or any other craft, the more you practice, the more you see your own work, critique and refine it to your own desires. Then as other people see your work, they add their perspective which you can decide if you like or dislike. This evolution over time will hone how you format and arrange your writing and your audience will increase.

So, write. Try writing letters, diaries, blogs, short stories, and enjoy it. Don't be discouraged by the lack of notoriety and instead focus on the craft.

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