Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Take Time to Stop Writing

Old Accountant
One of the wonderful things about writing is not writing. Yesterday, I put a good dent in a new story and then donned my work gloves and did a little planting in our garden. Beans, peas, beets and dill seed are now getting ready to sprout in the cool ground. I have some tomato seeds sprouting in the kitchen but it is still too cool outside for the tropical vegetables right now. 

I think it is important for writers to take breaks from their writing to recharge their imagination and to see how other people around them are experiencing life. The older I get, the more I realize that there are all sorts of people who don't see life as I do. It's both strange and wonderful and sometimes frustrating. 

I read a blog this morning about a college student who writes about living on the edge of town in the not-so-good housing because it's cheap. As he says, "those of us who habit these borderlands of pending gentrification usually have a corner store where you can stop and purchase anything you need:  gas, condoms, bath salts, you know the basics to have a good time.  But that's not half the fun, no my friends, the best thing about the neighborhood corner store are the people that hang around outside." You can read more of it here: Tales of The Genomic Repairman. He hit it on the head, it's the people that are interesting and as he describes so well, fun to categorize. 
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