Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Story Sales

This morning I was looking over the distribution of my stories and was pleasantly surprised to see that Snow Dog tops the ranks with more than 50 percent more sales than the others. Broken Friendship comes in second. With Amazon's tracking and data reporting, I can watch the sales and see which ones do better than others. Of course, this will help me to see what people are interested in reading and I can direct my new stories in that direction.

Today I am working on a story called, My Secret House and look forward to bringing it to a conclusion. When I write, I get into the story and feel the emotions of the story. If I don't have time to finish, I tend to feel the unresolved tension from the characters almost as if I were living through my words. It's kind of bizarre and I need to remind myself to keep reality separate from my writing or my family will start worrying about me.

What kind of short stories do you like?

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