Monday, April 30, 2012

Slowed Economic Recovery/Realistic Expectations

The timing of our recovery as a nation is reported to be slower than expected, (Time Business - Spring Slowdown: Is the U.S. Economic Recovery Stalling?)I hope it is because we are being wiser with our monies as individuals. I also think that we as a nation have come to the realization that we have to work harder for our money than we used to and therefore will not spend what we do earn quite so carelessly. Sure, there are a lot more factors involved, but overall, we are going through a time of change as a nation.
As a writer, I don't expect that my writings will just start selling like free hotcakes in front of a hungry crowd. I will have to consistently market and build a name for myself and that takes time. The hope is that if I head in the same direction for a long enough time that the hard work will pay off. In the mean time, I am enjoying myself, so don't think my life is all hard work and no play.

Haven't you found that you need to spend a little more carefully?

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