Monday, April 16, 2012

Setting the Surroundings

story, short story, romance, chesapeake, water, fishingWhen I go to write a story, I often find it is easiest to describe the current weather for the surroundings in my stories. Today is an extra warm day and so when I write, I will describe how I react to the heat. I also can look outside and use the current season for an accurate description of types of trees that might be blooming or leafing out. This is an easy way to research weather and conditions for certain times of the year. If I try to write about winter in the middle of summer, I tend to struggle with the actual feelings that winter brings. A simple example is - in April, we can't wait for summer to come so we can enjoy the warmth and swimming but when August comes and the heat is unbearable, all we want is cold weather again. 
Today is April 16, but we are supposed to get up to 90 degrees. That is a radical change from frost warnings just a few days ago!

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