Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Open Your Windows

Last night was warm enough to keep our windows open during the night. After a winter of silent, sterile sounds each night, I felt like there was an orchestra outside. The tree frogs were singing in their two-tone chants, the few crickets were making their chirps heard, barred owls on the hunt were sounding off, a few Canada geese would honk as if someone was disturbing them once in a while. By the time dawn arrived, hundreds of birds woke to sing in the day with the white-throated sparrow leading the pack just ahead of the crows. Sure there was the rumble of the freight train off in the distance and the occasional hot rod using the empty night road to clean out his carburetor, but the sounds of wildlife were more noticeable.
By taking the time to listen and pay attention to details, you can better describe scenes in your writing and transport readers to their own backyards, whether they are simply a childhood memory or where they currently live. 

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