Thursday, April 12, 2012

Looking for Opportunities

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Today, I look for another story line and am thinking of guilt and shame and how powerful they are in our lives. Of course, if I just leave it at that, every reader of this blog is going to have their own idea of what I am going to write about. We all have our own list of things that have either happened to us personally or to a friend that we are not so happy to admit to. Most of them are not something we really want to read about but there are times when people hide stories that are really quite intriguing and not so terrible as they think.
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It is the seemingly terrible things that can change our lives or at least our perception of life. Isn't that what all the motivational speakers like to tell us - we can't succeed without failure? I like to hear that other people go through uncomfortable times - not for the mistakes but for the way they reacted afterwards. Haven't most of us grown up enough to realize that we are all flawed? Who wants to live in a sterile world where no mistakes happen? Even worse is living in an environment where everyone pretends to be perfect.

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