Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday, Good or Holy or What?

If you do a little studying about the Friday before Easter, it is amazing to see all the customs that different cultures and countries engage in on this day. 
Depending on what you believe, you might be fasting or feasting, working or worshiping, dancing or praying - it is truly remarkable to see the huge variance. Did you know that in Bermuda, they celebrate with kite flying? or that in Cuba, they are considering making Good Friday a holiday for the first time this year? or that in Britain, they serve hot cross buns? or that any public performances involving dancing are banned today in Germany? or that the stock market is closed in the US but banks and the post offices stay open? while in Ireland all the pubs are closed? Wow!

So, whether you are working today or are going to church or starting spring break from school, I hope you enjoy your day.

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