Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dealing with Conflict

No, this is not a counseling blog - it is a way of thinking that generates stories. Since we all face conflicts just about every day unless we live in a bubble, we can relate to short stories that tell of unexpected conflicts or at least unexpected solutions for normal conflicts. So, maybe you have a roommate that irks you because he is just too noisy, you want to resolve the conflict by stopping or reducing the noise. But would you go so far as to drug him, only to find out that you gave twice as much as you should have.... Sometimes the resolution we think will solve the conflict actually does more harm than good, making our frustration worse. Conflict is what makes the world go round, unfortunately for those who think that peace is the answer for everything. 

Who do you like to read about - someone who tries to fix a problem, or someone who avoids it, or maybe someone who pretends there is no conflict? I think if I read a story about someone who avoids or pretends that there is no conflict, I want another person or event in the story to wake them up and resolve the conflict.
Dennis Jerz advises writers to intensify the conflicts, in his article, Short Stories: Developing Ideas for Short Fiction. Think up intriguing, surprising combinations when writing short stories.

Another good site is Short Story Elements where the writer explains, conflict is essential to plot.  Without conflict there is no plot.

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