Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color or Black and White?

I recently finished preparing my book for printing after several rounds of editing and reformatting. I thought I was finished and submitted my manuscript to CreateSpace for printing. I was shocked to find that it was going to cost close to $30 for my book as it was. Who would ever buy it? It was not worth that much and I was very disappointed.
However, I didn't give up but kept reading and studying on what I could do. I found out that the pictures in my book that introduced each story were my problem. I assumed that they would be printed in color while the text would be printed in black, just as they looked in my Word document. I had twenty pictures and figured out that each of them cost over a dollar to print in color. I had to ask myself if I needed them in color or did it even matter? It only took me a second to answer that question! I am publishing stories, not pictures.

So now my first short story book, The Meanderings of a Pen is available at a much more reasonable price. As you can see, this is a learning process.

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