Monday, April 9, 2012

Catchy Titles

After a relaxing weekend with family, I am looking forward to writing. One of the things my brother mentioned about my new book, The Meanderings of a Pen, was that he liked the catchy titles of my stories. Some people write a story and then add a title, but I almost always think of the title first and then write the story from there. Once in a while, the story will take an unexpected turn and I will need to adjust the title, but not usually.

One of the habits I have is taking a small observation and then expanding it to be a large conclusion. I was reading about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who is famous for using this practice for his wonderful stories filled with such suspense and mystery. He based Sherlock Holmes' character from his boss, Dr. Joseph Bell from the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary who liked to weave tales about ordinary circumstances.

So, enough contemplating - I need to get writing...


  1. where r the titles? sorry couldn't see it.

  2. If you look to the right of my blog, you will see a section, My Collection of Short Stories...